How our EVO oil is born

At Brecce Rosse, we dedicate ourselves to our work with great passion, trying to give the best in every phase of the production of our extra virgin olive oil. Our latest generation oil mill allows us to work the olives in the best way, monitoring the entire production process, ensuring a low environmental impact and obtaining the highest results in terms of qualitative and organoleptic characteristics. Storage and bottling take place in temperature-controlled rooms in stainless steel tanks.

How was Brecce Rosse Olio Evo born?

Here are all the steps from harvesting to storage:

Treat with care during cultivation and harvesting, whether manual or mechanized; the harvest takes place when the olives begin to ripen, or when they begin to turn black or purple.

When the olives arrive at the Brecce Rosse mill they are placed on a conveyor belt; to eliminate any attached branches and leaves, they pass into the defoliator, then into a washing machine, which washes them with drinking water with blowing air to prevent them from breaking and allowing the soil to settle on the bottom of the tank.

The olives are transferred to the hammer crusher, where there is a hard metal plate hammer and a perforated grid for the breaking of the oil bags and the calibrated crushing of the stone.

With a stainless steel screw the dough is transferred from the crusher to the four kneading tanks, with a capacity of 700 liters each; it is important that the pasta does not come into contact with the air because it could trigger oxidation and fermentation, ruining the final product; the temperature is also controlled by means of special equipment.

A pump transfers the pasta to the decanter, the centrifugal extractor with three outlets that separates the pasta into oil, pomace and vegetable water. There is no waste in our production process: the pomace is processed to become sustainable energy.

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